Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sunday Snoozing

Not a lot to say this week, although it certainly feels like its been very busy! I think Missy is longing for the nice weather - she seems a little put out and generally wanting cuddles with us on the sofa. Her appetite is fine and she's in good health, so my only conclusion is that she's fed up with one day being warm enough walk without hat and gloves, then the next its more a swim and then the next:

My first site visit. Needless to say we ended up aborting early, even in our radioactive neon bright day glow high visibility coats its was getting a struggle to see each other through the sleet. Still, a day out the office is nothing to sniff at, and an early finish just means more cuddles for Missy. Even though we are both sat on the sofa enjoying the late evening sunshine coming through the window, I don't think either of us is ready to quite believe that it may be spring.

Missy scoping out future projects
Its been a good week for crafts, but I cant share any of them yet. I've just completed the nephews birthday present, so will get some good photos and store them to one side until after the big day - his birthday isn't until late May. Other commitments mean I wont be able to make it, so I decided to get it made early and managed to blitz through it much faster than expected!

Next weekend I'm up visiting a friend up north and hopefully we'll get to see the new baby polar bear. If I get any good photos I'll share them! Until then!


  1. Curses! I was hoping for a clue or a sneak preview of Inklings present!

    Aside from that, it's been very much the same for us - busy but nothing to say, warm one day but wet the next...although I did manage to hang my washing up outside!

    1. My lips are sealed!
      I have managed twice to get the laundry out, although both attempts were aborted due to rain!