Sunday, 25 September 2022

Almost Back to Regular Programming

This weekend was almost like normal, and it's been a breath of fresh air for that reason. We got to lie in on both days (it shows my age when one can consider 7am as a true lie in) and we didn't have to yeild a paintbrush or caulk gun for two whole days!
So yes, the kitchen is (for the most part) complete. We've decided on another shelf, and some things still need homed, but it can all wait for now. The rest of the house needed some TLC, so Saturday morning was spent giving it a thorough clean and a tidy. We then rewarded ourselves to a lovely walk around Dechmont before going for a serotonin boost and doing a PAT visit with Missy at the carehome.

Its very rewarding for the soul, and Missy loves cuddles and biscuits, so she was quite happy. We saw some familiar faces and some new ones too - everyone loved her bowtie, so I'm tempted to try and schedule a visit for Halloween and have her dressed up properly.

We then had a friend visit and board games were played - which was just what we all needed. 

Today was very much a quiet one. We saw DC Superpets at the cinema and attempted to look for that extra shelf before deciding we couldn't be bothered.

Hubby and I are both working on the Christmas crafts, although I did finally get to finish this lovely backpack, which I started in June and have only just finished. Quite fitting that one of the first projects of the summer has seen the close of the season.

All in all, a rather good weekend! 

Until next week! 

Sunday, 18 September 2022

Big Projects taking Over

I had rather hoped that, skipping out on last week, I'd have been able to announce the kitchen was done. Sadly, whilst we're very nearly there, it's still not quite complete. There's a bit of painting still to do, and some caulking and siliconing, and the workmen are due back sometime this week to put in a fresh sink as the original arrived with a dent in it.

But it's very nearly there. Nearly. Every spare evening has been spent plastering and yesterday I got the new wallpaper up too. Add in a thrift flip or two and it's starting to feel like our kitchen, and not just a new one from a showroom.

We've accidentally gone with a bird theme. Next week (fingers crossed) that comment will make more sense! 

We have managed to get out on some nice walks. Last weekend was a very odd one - my dad had come over for a military meet up which was subsequently cancelled owing to the national mourning with the Queen passing. 
So I got a call, asking what I was up to, and after a cup of tea with the washing machine as a coffee table, he, Missy and myself went off to the Scottish Military Museum. Which worked perfect as an old buddy of his recognised him right away and we soon all had tea whilst they caught up on the happenings of the last 40 years. 

This weekend we got the bulk of the DIY prep done prior to the wallpaper. Missy got a few nice walks in but nowhere unusual for her. And we finally got to do the birthday meet up with our good friends with the twins; celebrating 5 birthdays that had passed before playing board games and setting the world to rights. 

And that's been it on this end.  Missy does not like change, or the anxiety it brings out in us, but we're very nearly there! She's already enjoying the extra sunbathing room in the kitchen now that it's been opened up a bit! 

Till next week! 

Sunday, 4 September 2022

Dogfest comes to Scotland

The busy bees run continues! This week has been focused on getting the kitchen completely emptied out and making way for our new one which gets installed tomorrow. It arrived on Tuesday, so my house legitimately smells like flat pack furniture and looks like a corner of hell especially made for IKEA employees....

Missy has been very unimpressed about it all. Whilst we joke about her disliking Christmas etc, what she really suffers is a dislike to change. So living in flat pack city is definitely not her idea of fun.
Needless to say, I was prepared for the extra clingyness this week and she's been spoiled rotten. Which is nothing new! 

Saturday was my dance show, the first with my new dance school, and the first since Covid, so I felt very out of practice and quite nervous. Still, I danced as well as I could and smiled during my mistakes so that no one would hopefully notice. It went really well. The school is a really nice one; still exam focused, but not as heavily so as the previous one (one exam per year compared to three). The adults also felt like part of the show, unlike my very first school (tap only) where the "mums class" was kinda treated like a one trick pony at the show and I was never really keen on it. 
But I digress. It went great. We all had good fun, and my mum and hubby came along to watch and clap for me. 

So, onto today and Dogfest. Pets as Therapy asked for volunteers for the day, and we were happy to answer the call. I was a bit anxious that Missy wouldnt be in the mood to perform for the masses, but she proved me wrong by giving all the other volunteers a good cuddle and then proceeded to tart herself out to anyone who approached. 

Hubby excels at these situations. He quickly came up with a catch phrase - "does your dog like cuddles? Does it need more? Then this is the stall for you!" and basically pimped out PAT to all the passersby (whilst also hugging and kissing all the other dogs). His demeanour quickly rubbed off on the rest of us and the two hour slot passed very quickly. 

I feel sorry for the chap taking back the poloshirts we borrowed, they're absolutely covered in muddy paw prints! 

It wasn't all work and no play. My mum and brother came along (as did Maisie) and we met up to do some of the fun dog shows and the big dog walk. We bagged some freebies and also bought a few nice things for Missy, so a win win! 

Right, I could ramble on all day, but there's still a few small jobs to get done before the kitchen fitters arrive tomorrow!
Until next week! 

Sunday, 28 August 2022

Narnia or Duncarron?

It's time for the big reveal! 

Once again a Travelling Through Time event at Duncarron Medieval Village and once again it was sewing to the wire as I got over ambitious with my idea. 
I tell a lie! It's not my fault for getting over ambitious, I can 100% blame my sister Roxy on this one!

So, when Duncarron announced that they were doing another Travelling in Time event, my sister was determined to come and have her kids finish thier school holidays on an absolute high. She had initially outlined a family set of viking costumes for it, but once the full event details were outlined, she realised that vikings were omitted from the day. It was my hubby who came up with the winning answer - dress the kids as evacuees and we grown ups could be home guard. And that was what we decided upon. 

Except that Missy needed a costume. How about a mercy dog? WW2 British Red Cross, to be specific. I plunged down a rabbit hole and, in an inspired afternoon, modified her Julius K9 harness to a medic vest with pockets. Well I'd have to match, so I made myself a medic armband for my Rosie outfit. 
Hubby joked I should do the propaganda poster for the British Red Cross (in the same way my Rosie outfit is a propaganda costume). I jested about it to my sister who said I should make the apron and then arms and legs grew. 

Was it overkill? Absolutely. Was it fun? 100 %

My hubby wasn't left out as I embroidered him a boiler suit with "ARP" so he could join in as an air raid warden and I made "LDV" armband for my sister and hubby. She went last-project mad too, and, after ensuring the kids were kitted out in hand knitted sweater vests, knitted herself an amazing cardie (more details here). 

Missy had been unwell the night before with an upset tummy and, after privately debating with the hubby about taking her, we decided that leaving her home alone was a greater cruelty. We waited until the last moment to be sure it was a 24h thing and that she was OK before popping her in the car. We'd always planned on taking two cars, so hubby and I agreed that one of us would just take her home if she wasn't happy.

Panic aside, we arrived. Big sis and the older neice and nephew arrived at the same time and there was much fawning of costumes. It took more than an hour to reach the Fort as all the WW2 stuff was on the path up. The kids were in their element getting to handle real the guns and ask a billion questions, all of which were enthusiastically answered, and my sister had to be literally dragged away from the WW2 knitting display. I swear she shed a tear glancing back at the knitted balaclavas, swimming costumes and drawers.

After Wee Ben greeted a centurion, we entered the Fort and our little evacuees ran ahead to be amongst medieval knights, tents and pavilions. We unanimously laughed - we hadn't travelled in time, we'd stepped into Narnia: my niece and nephew the new Peter and Susan as Missy diligently followed - Alsan or Mr Tumnus? Who knows.

It was hot at this point. A picnic was had and Missy was freed of her costume. The kids were too excited to eat and soon they off to quiz anyone who smiled at them about the differences between each sword, why a helmet was shaped as it was and a thousand other things. Arrows were shot, axes were thrown and knights bravely fought for thier honour. One particularly brave Knight fought against the children, and was defeated time and again - even cheating and bringing an axe out to dual with my youngest nephew. He took the battle very seriously whilst every adult was weeping in hysterics.

Missy was getting tired at this point. She was being offered water and her pillow at every stop. The kids too were flagging, so we unanimously called it a day. 
An epic day by far, and one I'm sure my neices and nephews will recall in future summers. 

I didn't bother with getting a lot of photos of Missy, so here is a rare one of myself with her and our matching ensembles. 

And don't worry about Missy, who had clearly decided that she was gonna play and ravel in the extra attention - we got home and she insisted on a 40 minute walk, trotting ahead and scouting for bunnies. Today she is 100% back to herself. 

Truly, a weekend well spent! 

Monday, 22 August 2022

A Belated Birthday post

Back to busy weekends! And this one marked the kick off of the birthday run!

Saturday was spent furiously working on crafts (big reveal next weekend, I promise!) before meeting up with the BIL for a birthday dinner.

Sunday was the main event, my birthday, and as hubby had decided to move his birthday from next weekend to share with me, it was almost like a Mini-Christmas. Tea and biscuits in bed, enjoying cuddles with Missy as we swapped gifts - the perfect start to a birthday.

Then we were off to give blood (I did legitimately try to book for the Saturday, but the vampires were unavailable at any time that suited me). That went well - iron came in at a whopping 134 (fail rate is 125), so I was delighted to cruise through to give blood without the malarkey of trying to get a better iron result intravenously. Even the nurse admitted she saw my history of iron fails and was nervous for me! 

And then we were off to Cammo Estate for a charity dog show with Lewis Leap (a bereavement charity for families that have lost children). Missy went in for Golden Oldie and Musical Sit, but placed in neither. I managed to win all the sweets at the "nail in a bale" stall and hubby won us some Irn Bru at the tombola. In addition to the doggy goodie bags, we did very well. 

Missy even felt up for a run and play afterwards, which was a delight to see. 

Not a bad start to the big birthday run! 

Sunday, 7 August 2022

A Quick Update

Well, it was only a matter of time really. Between Covid, seeing family, seeing friends and the summer show schedule, a quiet weekend had to be had. In the end, it was the borders trip that got me - between all the driving, caring for the two dogs and doing everything at the cottage, I'd basically burned out. Even though Maisie was off home, we had every evening booked, so by the weekend I called time out and took a quiet day. 

Dont get me wrong, there was serious FOMO, the Perth Show was on. The advertising looked amazing. But it will be there next year. So instead Missy and I enjoyed a quiet day in, paws up on the sofa and me at the sewing machine.

I won't give much away, except to say that the end of the month holds a really big treat. 

Hubby has also been busy with crafts, so if you were wondering about todays photos, then yes, they are "product" shots. He made the lead and collar and wanted some nice photos to go with them. 

Missy will never say no to bribery and posing! 

Today the hubby and I did the Tartan Titan: The World's Longest Inflatable Assault Course. (Another reason to rest Saturday!) After nearly killing myself at its predecessor in Murrayfield 5 years ago (OK, OK, I just badly winded myself and gave hubby and myself a bad fright), I was a bit more careful with this one. It still took 90 minutes to complete, and we were exhausted at the end, but it was good fun. Missy has no sympathy for us - I suspect we won't get away with giving her shorter walks for the next day or so whilst our old bones recover!

And that's us this weekend! 

OK, OK, one quick tease of our plotting:

Until next time! 

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Following the Stars

It's been a quick one! For Maisies last weekend with us, she went on her first ever holiday! (Something that was meant to have happened sooner, but Covid kinda got in the way).

This was a mixed week with Maisie. In some regards it was more successful (no barking during video calls, I was able to work upstairs in my study rather than the living room and she was eating both her breakfast and dinner with great enthusiasm), but at the same time we hit a real low when she had a moment of absolute petulance and went missing for 45 minutes. 

Petulant? How? Well, she ran around and past hubby as he tried to pop her on lead at a point in the walk she kept vanishing on, bounced over the stream, stopped, looked at him and casually strolled off. Tail sashaying along behind her. 
I got a panicked call. My number was given to everyone in the park and, after almost an hour, she reappeared proud as punch. 

And subsequently lost all right to be off the lead! 

So I won't lie, I was a little anxious about the weekend. Hubby had planned a boys weekend at a friend's, so I kidnapped my mum and we did a girls weekend away to the borders. Why the borders? Well, honestly, our number 1 option of the lakes was sold out and way over budget! 

We got lucky though as that was the weekend of the Jousting at Caerlaverock

Yes. More jousting. Am I sick of it? Nope, not at all! 
This event was much quieter than Linlithgow, despite being the exact same scale of show. I won't lie, as I bounced about the little jousting course astride my hobby horse, I was really pleased that we adults could have fun too without elbowing small kids out the way. The dogs got a lot more attention too from the re-enactment crew. 

We also got super close to the action. Missy is an old hand at this. She lay down atop my feet and power-napped during the show. Maisie, not so. We knew that she really disliked gunpowder, so had thought this a safe option, but it was quickly apparent when she refused to return to the Jousting arena for the falconry that she did not like the noise. Crowds seem fine as she was happy trotting about the stalls, but she wasn't happy  around the speakers. 

Not a problem. We explorered around the castle and the older ruins and called it a successful day at that. 

It was misty mountains this morning on the dog walk before we got a pleasant surprise when my Uncle decided to join us on our last little excursion to the Crawick Multiverse

It was a good way to end the holiday, getting to catch up whilst wondering about the giant art exhibits. Maisie seemed to have a good time too,much preferring the quiet of the multiverse to the crowds at the castle. A learning curve for us all. 

Although she was genuinely at her happiest when, arriving home, she spotted her daddy and bounced right up into his arms for a cuddle. 

Honestly, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see.

We caught up on our respective trips, my brother in Spain and my hubby with his boys weekend and us at the borders and then everyone headed home, leaving Missy, hubby and I in what was suddenly a very quiet house. Missy quickly settled down to sleep whilst I caught up with hubby and now a bath is run and I plan on a long quiet soak! 

A good way to finish a weekend.

Although I am gonna miss that cheeky wee face!