Saturday, 30 May 2020

A Sunny Morning Adventure

Finally, we can travel out for a nice walk! Missy was super keen to hop into the car and go on an adventure. We decided on the Korean War Memorial and Witchwood walk as it was close by, but mostly because its a little known walk and we thought it would be quiet. 

With the heat, Missy is now being walked very early in the am and then late in the evening, we had a cracked paw last year and want to avoid a repeat of that! 

The views were stunning. I think a combination of the beautiful weather and low air pollution has meant that this is the clearest I've seen the view before. Missy didn't stop to appreciate the views, but did go hunting for rabbits to chase. 

The heats been a concern for us with Missy (she's a black dog that doesn't like water and sunbathes, not the best combination!) so we've been skipping out on the heat of the day to relax with her inside and keep her cool. 

Everyone's mood seems to be improving, we even managed a water fight with the neighbours kid (the fence does help with social distancing!) and have plans today to see my brother and Maisie on a long overdue puppy play date.

I've done well with sewing, here is one part of a set I made for my BILs birthday:

Matching father and son shirts! And a playsuit for my niece which I've been told has gone down very well owing to the heatwave and a shirt for my sister too. Very pleased with them all! 

Thats all for now, it's time to go out, see loved ones (at a distance) and enjoy the lovely sunny weather. Hoping your all well and enjoying our new freedom safely.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Dog(s) are Better the People

The Frozen reference will make more sense at the end of the post! Although saying that, I've gotten rather fed up of people recently. Twice this week I've had to chase loitering teens off the narrow bridge at the park; I don't care if you want to ignore the rules, but please don't block peoples way, there's plenty of space elsewhere in the park to spread your germs to each other!

I've actually been thankful for some bad weather, its gone back to just the dog walkers in the park for the last few days. Missy is missing her canine buddies who've obviously changed routine to avoid the crowds roaming about aimlessly (just to clarify, I have nothing against people out walking and exercising, its the loitering about that's annoying me), so she was pleased to meet a lab friend and go for a bounce whilst us owners gave one another a passing wave.

I've taken some annual leave and used the time to catch up on some rest and get the next big push on with the garden. My radishes are about ready - one was sacrificed to the snail gods, so hopefully the rest of the crop will not be nibbled on! I've also been doing a ton of sewing, which I'm pleased about as I was worried my creative mojo was flagging a bit.

I'm not going to share the latest project (that will be at the end of the month after its been wrapped, sent, and finally awaited the special day to then be unwrapped). So I will share this project I actually finished a few weeks ago, but just haven't had the time to get it on the mannequin and photographed.

So, this is on the back of the "Disney Bounding" craze. When I was in Disneyland Paris (oh so very, very long ago it feels now), we talked about ideas and different family and couple ideas. My sister was very keen on the family ideas but, with my niece disliking dresses on the basis that she cant run about and climb, a princess pairing wasn't working. I suggested culottes and an idea was born for myself to try - a princess dress for myself that was basically a set of trousers that look like a skirt.
Yep, look close, those are trousers.
Hand embroidered with all the button covers done by hand too.

Needless to say, when we hit lock down, it took the literal wind out of my sails. My aspirations of strutting about Disneyworld in Florida next year (which fortunately whilst pretty much fully organised had not been booked) had to be Let (it) Go. It was to be hubby's first time out there, and my First Time in Forever as I haven't been since I was 15.

So this sewing project was quietly completed with no fanfare and put aside. It was only when I was photographing some other bits I realised it was on the to photo pile. Perhaps it'll get a chance for a proper outing when things go back to normal. Next year probably, I dont care what Disney park, but hopefully In Summer when it'll be warm.

I'll stop there now. Below is the inspiration for the dress for those who have been reading this thoroughly confused. If you are confused, go watch Frozen, its good, not worth the epic hype, and then go watch the sequel which is a far superior film.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Topsy-turvy times

It's been another topsy-turvy week for me, but that didn't stop me finding the time to have some fun and get Missy out to practise her parkour. It's a different game for her to the ones we play in the house, so she seemed to really enjoy it and wore herself out.

We've been trying to keep her walks interesting, changing direction and going around different loops in different orders as well as mixing it up with some of the other woodland areas about us. 

My free time has mostly been spent on Skype school lessons with my eldest neice, calling family or sewing. I'm very pleased with my latest project:

My youngest nephew has just turned 3 and I think he's going to be the coolest kid in the neighbourhood with these fabulous shirts!

I have more projects lined up now that the birthday season has officially started, and I'm looking forward to working through it! Even if I can't see family, I can at least give them my time and something nice. 

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Beneath the Bluebells

Like most posts recently, we haven't ventured far. However, spring is well and truly in its stead and our little woods has been transformed. Its always a lovely time year as snow drops give way to carpets of bluebells and daffodils. 

Missy has definitely been enjoying the company, although my suspicions that she was raised by cats have come to light again as she always seems to be in the wrong side of the door - she's in and wants out, or out and wants in! (I feel a need to point out that she's never locked out, the sliding door is left slightly open and she can push her way in easily - but why do that when the humans will do it for you?) 

The garden is going well. I've got carrots, broadbeans and radishes out in planters, and my courgettes, tomatoes, kale, chard and sprouts are growing up nicely in the greenhouse. There's been a shortage of pallets at work, clearly everyone has the same idea of upcycling the wood! 

Missy has been enjoying the good weather too and has spent most of her time sunbathing!

Sewing has been productive if a bit sobering. I've made face coverings for my sisters family and for the hubby and I. After mass producing 30 odd masks, I'll be happy never to see the pattern again!

Next week there will be some more exciting sewing, but I'll wait until then to say any more. 

Sunday, 3 May 2020

A Rambling Sorta 7 days

Another odd little week that's all upside down for me. Wrapped up in this "after work drinks" moment:

"OK everyone, happy Friday!" 
*various waves and goodbyes*
*turns off laptop and looks at Missy*
"It's Monday." 
*hubby walks in* "What's Monday?" 
*crickets and a tumbleweed blows past*
"Oh, you mean it's day 1 on, so Monday. Had me confused for a moment as its Friday!" 

So. Been a busy week in an odd rambling string of days kinda way. Got another planter built which is now nursing my broad beans and apart from that it's been work mostly! 

It's mostly been a quiet one, put attempts to wear Missy out is working and she's been enjoying the sun and chilling. I've been ripping apart the lab and shuffling things about to allow for as much social distancing as possible at the different stations, so been pretty tired when I get home. Some of the spectrometers are deceptively heavy!

Sewing wise, I'm putting together a little care package for my sister in Manchester. No, these aren't for the kids but for my sister and BIL! I've a few more bits to sew before sending it down, so my next set of days off should be busy on the sewing machine! 

At least, between all the Skype calls, my social calander has gotten quite busy now everyone has the hang of video calls!

Monday, 27 April 2020

Wait, Where'd the Weekend Go?

So I've officially lost track of days. Working 4 on and 4 off has completely destroyed my sense of the working week, and with no one around me working, I have nothing to base my understanding of days around!

The days that normal people consider a weekend were quick to pass me by - Missy had a Dog Furiendly online doggy disco and fuss hour where we all played various games including the above treasure hunt (she had to be photographed with an object each colour of the rainbow) and we enjoyed the sunshine and made a new planter.

Missy clearly approved of it! This will host either brodbeans or radishes. Our plan is a British vegetable garden this year, and who knows, the way things are going we can always resort to trading radishes for loo roll or something! 

I finished my Quarantine Quilt this week, which I'm super happy with! All made with scrap fabric (although truth be told, the bag of scraps doesn't look any lighter). 

And that's it. Tomorrow is officially my weekend, so hopefully I'll have some more updates for you all next week! 

Until then, stay safe. 

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Wandering in the Wilderness Wood

So the wanderings have continued and we found the Wilderness Wood this weekend.

Its been an odd week - my new shift pattern has made me completely lose track of days and after each day I've generally been too exhausted to do much. As such, it's been a very odd week as everyone I know is working from home or furloughed, and so are bored and cooped up whilst I'm probably the busiest and most worn out I've ever been.

But Missy is always there to help (as above on my latest in progress sewing project) and give me a cuddle, so all is well. I've reached the resignation stage of this lockdown, and will simply weather it through.

I've had dreams of visiting the beach, and of all the other wonderful days out I will have with friends and family when this is all over.
So I'll leave you with delightful crab and his seahorse friend, from Mariska Vis-Bolmans book "Sew Cute Creatures" . 

I want to focus on the small happy moments of this week. Of cuddles on the sofa and seeing friends online. Of watching my sisters new kittens playing on Skype. Missy rolling in the grass in the sun and stealing my ice lolly. 

And of thoughts of adventures to come.