Friday, 4 May 2018

Farewell Flash

A short post, but a sad one. Sadly, Flash passed away yesterday. It was dignified and peaceful and his mum and dad were there with him, which I think is the most anyone can really hope for.

But I won't dwell on sad things.

My first introduction to Flash
I adored Flash. He was a great big slobbering mass of sheer love and energy. Everyone simply had to be his friend. Or, at least, share their sandwich with him. I first met him eleven years ago when he would have been two - described to me as 'mad as a brush', he didn't disappoint! He preformed his majestic trick of wrapping his own snot and slobber all the way round his snout and then insisted on cuddles. Truly a wonderful introduction!

He could, on occasion, look regal
Flash was spoilt absolutely rotten. He insisted on the ends of sandwiches and had a melt down if he wasn't bought his own ice cream - he had the most wonderful Scooby Doo impression and would stamp his paws until he got his own way.

He loved being scratched behind the ears, and would insist that now was the time to do so by ramming his head between your legs and wagging his tail at you. After losing his eye (which didn't slow him down any), he would insist on having that rubbed too in much the same manner. 

But not often!
I also have a lot to thank Flash for. 

When Missy first came into our lives she was quite frightened and didn't really know what to do about anything. She wouldn't play with toys and was terrified to be left outside on her own. Every car journey she was sick in stress. He taught her how to enjoy being a dog. How to play with humans and that car rides were great, they meant adventures and fun.

And I think we should all take something from that. Enjoy life. Run, play and sleep to your hearts content. And share that joy with everyone around you.

Although, perhaps, wrapping your own face in snot and slobber is something not to emulate.

Rest in Peace, old boy. You will be sorely missed by all.

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  1. He will be missed, but he will always be loved in our hearts.

    But not the snot and slobber!