Friday, 4 May 2018

For a Special Someone

Just a super quick post today:

Well, it's Inklings first birthday this weekend (my sisters little boy) and sadly I can't make the special day. I knew this in advance so put in a little extra effort to produce this fine gift:

He is crazy into bunnies. Bunnytown is dangerous viewing as he just goes nuts over them and, after our lakes adventure, I figured a healthy dose of Peter Rabbit was just what we needed. On an aside, at Easter, I did a bunny photo shoot with him - had him in a Thumper costume with all my cuddly bunnies I have amassed over the years and he was in absolute bunny heaven (after the initial overwhelming BUNNIES moment).

I figured that this would be a good pressie as Felix (his big sister) could play with them too and start her letter recognition and early words whilst Inkling could chew on them and, perhaps by osmosis, the letter knowledge will rub off too. 
There was a funny moment when sorting this all out when I was trying to sell the idea to myself going, they could spell Inkling... Wait, two Is. How about his sisters name. No, she has two Is as well. Mum? No, two Es on her actual name and two Ms for mum. Dad? Oh, darn it, he'll just need two sets of letters! So I did just that and I am pleased to say that out of immediate family, Felix can practice everyone's names.

There is a second tote bag as well in the same fabric, so I think he's well catered for in the home made gifts department! Eagle eyed readers may have noticed the clue Missy gave on these when I first mentioned making them!

Well, that's all for today, except to wish Inkling a massive Happy Birthday from his crazy aunt and uncle and mad wee cousin Missy!


  1. Hee hee, I love the reason for making two sets...and they have gone down a major treat...though Inkling is very much attached to the bags and going 'buh buh' at them!

    Also, letter recognition could spread via osmosis, stranger things have happened in this house!

    1. Haha, I'm so glad they've gone down well! Especially the bags as they were a last minute add on!