Sunday, 25 March 2018

Isle of Dogs

The sun is out and spring feels like it's here - the washing is out drying, squirrels are roaming in abundance and it's a pleasure to be out walking. Snowdrops are peeping through the ground once more and the crocus flowers are even poking their heads out for all to see. Even the threat of Beast from the East: Part 3 seems ridiculous and a long way off...

So...naturally the highlight of the weekend was being sat in the dark! The Cameo Cinema chain decided to run a dog friendly preview screening of Wes Andersons new film, Isle of Dogs, and naturally we had to go along with Missy. It was incredibly well organised. We arrived for 11am and were handed a fleece to put over the chair so that Missy could sit between us for a cuddle whilst we all watched the film. There were water bowls all along one wall and the lights were kept on (very dim of course, but it wasn't total darkness) and I'm fairly certain that the soundtrack was a little muted.  

All of the dogs (and there was plenty of dogs!) were incredibly well behaved and, apart from the odd woof or bark, didn't disturb anyone at all. It was really nice to be with so many like minded people and to chat away before and after the film - the unanimous agreement was that dog friendly screenings should just be a thing, its perfect for those wanting to catch a movie but feeling guilty about leaving the pooch alone yet again during the week.

The film itself was brilliant. I preferred it  to Fantastic Mr Fox, which was the last Wes Anderson film I've seen and, although the animation etc was very similar, I liked that this was its own unique story and it really celebrated the loyalty of man and dog. Well worth catching!

In other news, I did it! 6 days in total and I managed to make my full-length wizards coat. Hubby had it in time for his magic show and he was the envy of the Magic Circle. There was a lot of new techniques to learn (Thank goodness for youtube with those welted pockets!) but I'm really pleased with the end result - as always the photos never do it justice. The show itself was brilliant, its really nice to see people taking pride in hobbies, especially one that brings joy.

Well, that's all for now. Its been a busy week and with Easter around the corner will only get busier. I managed to get my bonnet made yesterday for our family bonnet contest, so next update, I'll be able to show it off and say who won!

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  1. That's a proper wizards coat! Felix will be even more convinced that he is one!

    Looking forward to seeing these bonnets!