Sunday, 24 July 2022

Living it up at Lowther

So, firstly, no post last week. I took a weekend social media detox, partly because it was a challenge with Dog Furiendly, and secondly, because I really felt I needed a quiet weekend of down time. Hubby, whilst technically covid free, wasn't as up for his mother's visit as he expected. We all had a great time at the Van Gogh Live exhibition, but it completely wiped him out. 

And then on Tuesday, this little ragamuffin arrived:

Yep! Cousin Maisie is here on her holidays whilst my brother is away. Whilst there's been a few naughty moments, she's been on the whole pretty good. 

Then my oldest nephew came for the weekend. 

So of course it was only logical that we would drive 2 hours to Lowther Castle to catch up with Sis and the little cousins. 

We never do anything by half's! 

It was an amazing visit. Oldest nephew is now 13 and really coming into his own as his own person. And the young cousins adore him. 

Maisie and Missy got plenty of attention too. I had to laugh at the following exchange:

13 YO (after a whole day of pandering and playing and carrying the kids): Who's your favourite cousin? 
9 YO (without a skipped beat): Missy! 

I love the lot them to bits. 

We've previously done Lowther Castle, so I shan't go into too much detail, except to say that it's amazing. 

Below is a sneak peek of my latest craft project. The scrapbook of our June trip for my sisters birthday. This is part of my second favourite page to sketch. 

That's all this week. It's been a long and satisfying weekend playing video games, pokemon cards and watching anime. Most importantly, seeing family bonds form and grow. 

Hold tight your family, those born to us, those we have found through love and those who have found us. 

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