Sunday, 21 April 2019

An Eggcellent Easter

Its been a busy little Easter! The day was kick started with the family egg competition (I placed second, which is the best I've managed since we started getting competitive!) and then it was off to a family picnic at Muiravonside.

Finally! The fur-cousins posing together!
My brother had hoped to come, but as he works nights, it was always dependant on how much sleep he had managed. The thermometer has hit 21C both days this weekend and, with the blazing sunshine, Maisie wasnt letting him have any sleep. My mum offered to take Pouty out on the day trip and my brother agreed it was a good idea (spoiler, he clocked in five hours whilst we were out).

Piggy heaven
My sister (unsurprisingly) was late, but it gave us time to get the dogs worn out so they would behave for the picnic. Pouty stole off with half of my nieces sausage roll, but it was well deserved on my nieces part as she did try to push Maisie away *with* the sausage roll. Missy stole the entire picnic blanket and sat between the hubby and I, carefully watching for any stray bits of food. 

Then it was a walk about the farm. My nephew had had enough by then so went home with his mother whilst we kept Wee Ben and my niece for a proper walk. We decided to go on the river trail to see how close we could get to the aqueduct. I showed off my childish side by getting my socks and shoes off and wading in the river - Missy and Maisie both joined me (as did my hubby) but my mother and niece laughed from the sidelines. Wee Ben wouldn't entertain the notion of entering the water and watched from the bank.

The walk took us up to and onto the aqueduct so we got some good photos and enjoyed the scenery. By then it was almost 5pm so we called it quits and headed back to the car. I always put Ben in the boot with Missy (apparantly he wont travel in the boot for my sister, but he's as good as gold for me and doesn't make a peep) and Maisie (very soggy having being "washed" in the river after trying to imitate the pigs we saw earlier) sat between my mum and niece in the back. Pouty was feeling left out at not being in the boot (hence the first photo) but after a few moments decided there wasn't quite enough space!)

After dropping Ben and my niece off we went back to mine for dinner and Missy and Pouty played in the garden. Pouty loves the freedom of it and it was wonderful just watching her play and run about. My brother was very pleased to have her returned to him and we'd worn her out so much he even got a full nights (days?) sleep today, so was very chipper when wishing us a happy Easter!

Of course I made something for everyone for Easter! These little cones held a good handful of kinder treats (or, in the case of the doggies, a dentastix, some smackos and some biscuits) and I'm sure my creative family will find other uses for them. 

Today has been spent pottering in the garden. I have managed to get all my seedlings out of the house and either into the little plastic greenhouses I have or into growbags. I officially have a "corn field" (24 plants over two growbags) and several pumpkin patches! I'm in the process of fobbing off giving way my giant sunflowers (well, at the moment they are three inches tall, they have a lot of growing to get to their promised 8/10 feet!) and my work are doing a seedling swap, so my spare pumpkins will be going along to that. With half a dozen courgette plants waiting to get potted and put out, I don't think I'll have space for much else though!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend and a fantastic Easter!

    Also, really pleased to know all the fur-cousins are all getting along well now!