Sunday, 3 September 2017

Siege on the Forth

Just a quick post today before I go walking over the Queensferry Crossing!

Yesterday (and today) was the annual Siege on the Forth event held at Blackness Castle and, as hubby was working, Missy, a good friend and myself decided to go and enjoy the surprisingly nice weather and watch the reenactments. Having done the jousting at Linlithgow, I had a rough idea of what would be going on and I wasn't disappointed!

In addition to all the medieval zone, they had the Covenants and the Napoleonic zones which were very interesting (after watching musket balls being made, we spent quite a long time cackling away with a witch (I mean, a herbologist). The main arena held a fashion show (which was really a big brawl) and then demonstrations of the military tactics through the ages and a very sort reenactment of the siege of 1651. They also had a marquee set up with all the children's stuff like soap carving, trebuchet making and a medieval science talk that was really about the engineering tricks they came up with in order to build castles. 

Missy was incredibly well behaved and the bangs for the most part didn't bother her. She did get a fright when the petard went off, but truth be told, we all did. So we went for a walk about the castle until everyone's nerves had settled down and then avoided the worst of the canon fire afterwards. The weather was spectacular and the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant as everyone was having a really nice time. 

Expect a post soon about the crossing, until then, cheerio!

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  1. You'll need to let me know when this is on next year - it's the kind of thing we'd all really enjoy!

    Good to hear Missy wasn't too bothered by all the bangs!