Monday, 11 September 2017

Queensferry Crossing

Well, if you live anywhere in Scotland, I'm sure you will ave heard all about it, but the new bridge over the Forth estuary has opened after five years in the making.
Now, I'm not really into buildings or structures, but even I have to confess that's a pretty bridge! And the reason its made its way onto a post is that the hubby and I won ballot tickets to be two of the 50,000 people who were getting to walk across the bridge for a limited, one time only, weekend. The new crossing is not open to pedestrians, so it really was a one-off occasion.
No dogs were allowed, unfortunately, so Missy had to stay at her grannies whilst we crossed, but it was a wonderful day. The atmosphere was great, it was really well organised, everyone was super friendly and the weather held out and it stayed dry. We took far longer than the recommended hour, but the hubby is an engineer by trade, so we constantly had to stop to look at an access hatch. Or a gate. Or to ask someone why the lights were shaped like that, and why did they only light up the front and end of the bridge and not the middle. Oh, and get a picture of that weird little door thingy...
It all adds to the greatness of the day!
Just a short one today, till next time!

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  1. "Missy had to stay at her grannies" this line made me laugh so much, it's ridiculous.

    Pleased you got to be one of the 50,000! And I too sympathise about having a hubby that's an engineer, it makes what should be a simple, straightforward jaunt about three times longer than it should...