Tuesday 24 October 2023

A Spooky Pause

It's been a crazy run but it's been epic. But first, the photoshoot we did a few weekends back:

Of course I had to do the viral dog photoshoot. I saw it and knew Missy would happily put up with a sheet over her head if there was enough bribery involved! We decided to go to Dechmont, the old insane asylum, with the purpose of getting nice photos and it's sad that every time we go, the construction has crept in and it's smaller and smaller. 

And we did the photoshoot. Missy got all the biscuits. Hubby got enough footage that there's even a tiktok and we had a lovely day which really go us in the mood for the spooky shenanigans planned for the month. 

What spooky shenanigans you ask? 

Halloween in Disneyland Paris!

It was just me and my sister this run. Dressed as alternate Cheshire Cats (me in pink and she in blue - when the post comes up about the outfits she made I'll pop a link here) and it was a blast. There was a lot of travel drama - trains being cancelled, planes being mislaid and flights being delayed, but we got there and it was amazing. The characters loved the outfits, we had some amazing wild meet and greet moments, and overall would 100% do again. 

One brief highlight was our Cruella meet and greet:
Cruella striding about with her handlers barely able to keep up with her, clocks us and grinds to a halt. 
Cruella: Did you make those yourselves? 
Me: (indicates sibling) All hand knit! 
Cruella: (grabs hold of one hand of each of us and tows us along) I'm in need of new minions since Horace and Jasper left - how does that sound to you both?  Join me as fashion designers?. 
Me: We'd be honoured! 
Cruella: but I prefer dogs. And spots.
Me: Oh, of course, cats are so last season! 
Sibling: (cogs finally catching up after being utterly overwhelmed) totally last season - spots are definitely coming in.... 

We spotted her again later and she asked for a progress report on the dog hunt, which just added to the hilarity of the day. 
But, alas, no rest for the wicked, it's back at work with a very busy run of more spooky fun booked! 

So I'll leave you all be with one last photo of Missy being adorable:

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  1. I think that single photo from Disney sums up the whole trip. And the summary: Amazing! I'll be doing my post on the outfits next week (Halloween Highlights post) and will link to this one. Also, yes, that counter was 100% accurate, the cogs where still whirring a good ten minutes later!

    However, all that pales with just how cute Missy is as a ghostie. If I met her on a dark night, I hope to be armed with treats to coax her home!