Sunday 20 August 2023

Leaping Through the Year

How is it almost the end of August?! How is it my birthday tomorrow, already?! 

We had a nice weekend - hubby was off yesterday and, whilst he was keen to make it a special day owing to him working today and tomorrow (and myself working tomorrow too), I just wanted to have a nice day together.
He convinced me to open my pressies and we took Missy a nice walk with my new Pokemon GO+ (yes folks, I'm playing Pokemon Sleep and, whilst it's not really helped me get more sleep, it's provided a night time routine that certainly seems to be helping me get to sleep). We then did the shops for me to get my ironing board which is what I had asked for for my birthday (I'm too old to iron on the floor in a towel any more - too many ambitious projects!).
Look at me, totally rock and roll! 

You wanna know what else is rock and roll? Vikings - that's right, I finished my sisters outfit and got it in the post in time for her birthday. 

It came out perfect. I held off on a post last weekend as I wanted feedback from her reenactment group first. I pleased to say it was well received with enquiries of commissions. If that's not the highest compliment, I don't know what is! 

Well, I can, but you'll have to pop over to Roxys blog to see her becoming a viking

Needless to say, seeing her gush over it all has been a highlight of the week. As is her response to Munin, her actual birthday gift:

Because every viking needs a dragon. 

To top off the weekend, the chefs kiss, was what I suspect will be our final dog show of the year:

There was ice cream for humans and doggos. Tombolas. Raffles. Hotdogs. And hot dogs. Despite a poor forecast, it was glorious! 
My older sister came with me (and nephew and Wee Ben in tow) and we all had a great laugh. Missy and I won best costume in our pirate regalia, and she was also in for Golden Oldie and Best Rescue (I think we would have placed in best rescue as I was asked if I had won something already, and I was honest and said we had!). 
Wee Ben went in for dog judge would most like to take home, but sadly the judge didn't want him. He did meet a pair of elderly ladies with a fleet of spaniels though that I'm sure would have had off with him! 

(Wee Ben peeking in on the right).

And that's that. Next weekend is hubby's birthday weekend, so expect more adventures then! 

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  1. Pleased to hear you had a good birthday! I had a fantastic birthday weekend also. However, getting to be a viking and looking the part, with Munin on my shoulder, was by far the best bit. I am very grateful for you making me it, and the kids are now wanting their own little outfits to join in too!