Sunday, 2 December 2018

Sneaking in Christmas

Well, after last week bemoaning those who are eager to get their decorations up and start the yuletide celebrations, the stealth Christmas has begun. I've previously mentioned that Missy doesn't like Christmas. Or rather, it's fine everywhere else except in her own home. 
Over the years we've down graded the tree, scrapped the lights and the bulk of the tinsel and, last year, finally found a balance that involved both keeping things low key and stealth. By stealth, I mean slowly bringing in the decorations, and keeping everything discrete and not impacting or moving anything of Missys.
It worked last year and so far so good. 
Missy is in luck this year in that, with my sister coming up to visit with the wee ones, we are scaling it back more. Basically, if I'm worried it'll get broken then it's simply not going out - so it's all Christmas soft toys and up put of harms way!

She barely knows its there!
It's been one of those busy weekends where there isn't much to say. The in laws are going to York for the weekend, so used us to break the trip up - taxi-ing people about and cooking for an extra two is surprisingly time consuming!  It's been a good weekend though.

I did manage to get the time to finish my latest sewing project: an Edwardian style boating blazer, reminiscent of Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday -

Its my first real shot at tailoring, and I'm pleased that on the hubby it's a perfect fit (it simply swamps my poor dress form!) I'll get more detailed shots up on my instagram @missdaisysewing later in the week.

And now with us officially in advent, one of my earlier projects: Christmas advent calendars; one for Maisie and one for Wee Ben since we can't leave the fur babies out of all the fun!

Just a short post this week!

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  1. Hee hee, stealth Christmas!

    Sensible though, for Missy and the wee terrors soon to invade your home! I've not put up more than the advent stockings, poor wee Inkling has been overwhelmed by this change alone!