Sunday, 4 November 2018

A Very Quiet Weekend

Well, this happened:

Lets rewind. My work allows us two volunteer days. After our superb Halloween weekend I took the Monday to help out at our local zoo. Whilst there I helped take up the floor of the porcupines (who were very disgruntled at being kicked out of bed) and then made a gate for a giant bunny (who unlike the porcupines, was glad to see me and kept trying to nibble my ankles). And then I finished the day getting to feed the lemurs:

Pretty epic day, right? Then I got home, clipped the lead on Missys collar to take her out (I'd been crawling about in a porcupine bedroom, goodness knows what I was covered in but I needed a shower so was just going to go straight out) and then spotted this bright red mark on her leg. Well, it was pretty large and down to the meat, so we went straight back inside and I rang the vet for an emergency appointment. Thankfully Missys misspent youth means that I own our own buster collar and so we arrived at the vets. A call to both the hubby and the dog walker has left me with the mystery of how she came to have such a bad cut, but we have all decided that whats probably happened is that it was so deep it didnt bleed (and was therefore not noticed) and then she's worried it open.

So on the vets orders, its been short walks on the lead. We graduated from 5 minutes to 20 after a stitch check and hopefully they'll be out Friday and all will return to normal for the next post! It has meant a quiet weekend for us all (which is never actually a bad thing, I have a bad reputation for burning the candle at both ends with work and adventuring). I decided if we were having  pyjama weekend that Missy should have some pjs too, and here's the end result:

I'm going to say now, I dont like trousers on dogs. I'll put Missy in coats and dresses but the line in the sand has always been at trousers - they look weird and they impact on movement. Well, with a cut to the thigh and a reputation for licking, I was at my wits end. Missy despises the cone of shame and I needed something to act as a deterrent so that I didn't have to stick the cone on her just to boil the kettle, and the hubby suggested a trousers.
I think it works paired with her unicorn t-shirt and they didnt turn out as terribly as I expected (although drafting the pattern took two evenings alone - a dogs natural shape does not lend itself to trousers very well!)

And that's been the weekend. Lots of sewing (photos to come shortly) and cuddles on the sofa. The hubby and I snuck off to the cinema and even managed to get most of the Christmas shopping out the way online, so there's a bonus too!

Fingers crossed the vets give her a clear bill of health on Friday and we can commence with the regular schedule - Maisy, the puppy, had her last jags and kennel cough, so I expect a puppy play date to feature next week!

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  1. Give Missy lots of hugs from me! And also, I recognise that fabric...I have PJ's in that fabric! We match!