Sunday, 19 August 2018

A Quick Weekend

Well, it's Edinburgh, late August and the population of my fair city has probably doubled owing to the Fringe. Locals know this time of year for crazy traffic, crazier taxi drivers and floods and floods of tourists. Sometimes, rarely, we even partake in the shows so many come to see!

After four years in our care, I finally braved the Fringe with Missy. I know plenty of dogs that hate crowds and are terrible in cities, but Missy has always done me proud when putting on her completely unbothered city slicker face. She weaves through tourists, ignores the crazy traffic and the mad press of people and just looks completely laid back and relaxed as she does it. She was a dog from the streets, and clearly no amount of suburban living, mountains of pillows and treats will take that from her. We cruised through the throngs of people and she lavished in the attention of every enquiry of her breed and every pat of the head to exclamations of 'shes so calm'.
Show-off. That's what she is! Absolute show off.

Which was fitting as that's what we were off to do. The Official Unofficial Fringe Dog Show - bit of a mouthful but, based at the meadows and away from the worst of the crowds, it seemed like a good way to go and brave the festival. Naturally, we were the first there and, watching a game of cricket being played in the location we were supposed to be based at (neither Missy or I understand cricket, except that white must surely be a poor choice when running about and kneeling on the grass) started to wonder exactly what we'd signed up for.

At 2pm I spotted a group of Fringe performers, obvious in that they were dressed stylishly despite the forecast rain and carrying lots of bags and some pin boards. We made our way over, keeping it a casual looking flyby. I needn't have worried, we were immediately leapt upon by a lovely aussie lass who, after enquiring if Missy were part kelpie (one of the many dogs I suspect is somewhere hidden in her heritage) hugged Missy and enquired if we were there for the show.

Missy made friends with a greyhound named Rupert shortly afterwards as they set up and very quickly just under a dozen dogs had congregated. I try not to read into Missys social interactions too much, but after the how-to-you-dos to the other dogs, she focused her attention on flirting with the show organisers and therefore the judges. It was all soppy hugs and kisses and big brown eyes and tiny tail wags. I swear she knows when to impress and, with all the organisers being from Oz, she was clearly welcome to alleviate their home sickness and missing of their own dogs.

The show was what I expected for an impromptu free festival show - and firstly that it was a show, as in, an hour long period of entertainment based around a dog show. As we were comically made to jog in circles encouraging the dogs for "Best Prancer" we attracted a decent sized crowd of more than just the pet family of the contestants. It was all in good fun and everyone, including the dogs, had a terrific time. The Facebook post had said to bring fancy dress, and Missy showed off her triceratops costume and came first. So not a bad day at all.

Sadly, my elder sister with Wee Ben in tow were meant to have joined us but they missed the show entirely. We still organised a catch up and had a doddle about Arthurs Seat. In his unicorn costume (bought, not made I may add with only a tiny amount of smugness) brought a lot of laughter from the passers  by! I had Missy pose with him before letting her run free in just her fur and collar to chase rabbits. There was a near miss, but fortunately none caught - that leg of the family are all very squeamish, and I'm not terribly sure how my eldest niece and nephew would react if handed a dead rabbit! Best not find out!

Sunday was a glorious lazy day. Well, as lazy as Missy and I can manage really. We enjoyed two rather damp walks about some nice woodland and in between there was much baking. It's that time of year where everyone on my family and friend circle have birthdays, so I took the chance to get ahead of the game and started some batch baking. Not sure if the lemon and poppyseed cupcakes are going to make it to the freezer though...!

I also finished off a big sewing project I've been working on. It's a new sofa cover, and matching cushions for the dining chairs! I know I will completely regret the white, but I adored the print and with it being a king sized bedsheet on clearance for a fiver, just couldn't resist it.
Missy has certainly given it her seal of approval. Now to get her off the sofa so I can try it!

As an aside, I will be posting more detailed photos of my sewing projects on instagram under @missdaisysewing and if you want regular updates on Missy and her adventures, you can find her there too @missys_grand_adventures
Till next time!

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  1. Squee! So cute!

    And i'm proud to say that if you were with this leg of the family, the niece and nephew would have been fighting over how to cook the rabbit!

    Now off to Instagram to follow your sewing feed! (Already following Missy)