Monday, 18 June 2018

Arthurs Ambles

A lot to talk about this weekend! Firstly, with storm Hector in full swing on Saturday, Missy and I spent a ridiculous amount if the day drying off in our dressing gowns. We managed to avoid the worst of the rain, but still managed to get soaked through twice. With the weather insisting we have a chilled out day together, I decided to get the sewing machine out (see bottom of post).

Sunday I'd organised with a friend to do the Arthur's Amble - Historic Scotland do free walks about Arthur's Seat and occasionally do one that is specifically for dogs too. So we turned up and were surprised to discover that everyone else booked on the tour had cancelled that morning owing to the poor weather the day before. But it was OK, we were quickly informed, there was the longer walk - Arthur's Adventure, and they would just check if everyone on it was happy to have a dog join. Lo and behold, three other dogs were already on the walk, the owners had booked not realising that it wasn't meant to be dog friendly, so we were more than welcome to join in.

It was a good group, everyone was really chatty and the dogs were soon off the lead to get to run and play, clearly ignoring their history lessons! The walk covered the geographical history of Arthurs Seat, as well as the human history from what we know of the early settlers 3000 years ago to the Kings and Queens of the 1800s. And of course everyone's favourite unsolved mystery of the landmark, the tiny coffins.

Getting home, I had a surprise. The caterpillar we adopted back in August (and I have just realised now I never wrote about) and had overwintered as a pupae, finally hatched! Quick back track, my youngest niece was keeping a caterpillar and my oldest niece decided to join in and, after finding this chap, I had too join in as well. The youngest niece ended up putting hers outside as the cats wouldn't leave it be, and I don't know whats happened to the other one...
So, firstly, Absolem as a caterpillar:

We knew Absolem was an elephant hawk moth when he was a caterpillar owing to those magnificent 'eyes' he had, but even so, the hubby and I were stunned at the colours of the pretty little moth. I immediately took him outside for a little photo-shoot and then left him be, he is after-all a wild moth, and I would love to have more in my garden. Although I won't be keeping them in the house again, he ate a phenomenal amount as a caterpillar!

Lastly, I finished my sewing project and I am a terrible person.
A truly terrible person.
Meet my tricera-dog!

I'd make it slightly differently next time, the hood is designed for a toy dog so is a bit too upright for her, so next time I'd change it to the more hound shaped hood I used for her bathrobe. However, I like the fit on the body, so will merge the two patterns. It will certainly make her next Halloween costume easier to make!

And of course I need to stress that she had tons of treats for sitting nicely in the costume, and had it on for about five minutes. Quick and easy, fun and stress free, the most important elements of a photo shoot!

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  1. I love the costume! It's adorable! But yes, lots of treats for dressing up is a must...

    You have been busy despite the bad weather, and I have to admit, I am very curious about those tiny coffins!