Sunday, 21 May 2017

Hermand Beechwood

I absolutely love it when you discover a new place right on your doorstep. Yesterday my friend was running the Bing Blitz at Harburn Estate and, knowing it was a 'tough mudder', volunteered my shower for her as the run was literally happening on my doorstep (well, 4 miles down from my doorstep).

Knowing it was a respectable walking distance, I decided to go along with another friend to spectate and, on the way, passed this inviting image:

Of course curiosity won out in the end. 
I made a mental note of the exact location and distance and put it on the to-do list. I wish I could be more enthusiastic about the run itself, but the heavens decided to open as we waited to get photos of the runners and the whole thing was terribly organised - little things from the spectators area grass not being cut (so we were literally soaked through from the onset) to there being only one gazebo for shelter with 4 tables inside. Had the weather been lovely I'm sure it would have been fine, but this is Scotland, you have to prepare for rain in all occasions.

So, partly to make up to Missy for all of us being soaked through yesterday, and my own curiosity, we visited the Hermand Beechwood on today's afternoon walk.

I wasn't disappointed. This is quite possibly the most picturesque wood I've ever found, it really is something straight out of a story book. A quick look on the woodland trust website says that this wood was planted in the 18th Century and, despite being small, offers an enclosed and interesting area for the dog to investigate (also, with it being a little over two miles to get to, the resulting round trip is plenty for an interesting afternoon).

With spring being firmly underway, I try and keep away from fields and livestock. Missy has little interest in sheep or cattle, but I wouldn't want to risk anything happening by accident.

We got lucky and the weather held out for us (we managed to fit the walk in between two heavy showers). I also noticed another woodland adjacent to this one, so perhaps soon I'll go and investigate that too!

Just a short post today, till next time!

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  1. If I had seen that door I would have been through it like a shot...curiosity is clearly a family trait...