Monday, 3 April 2017

An Easter Throwback

Easter this year is quite late it seems - my Facebook has spnt the last few days showing me all the goodies I've made and baked over the last several years, and I feel that I'm going to have to pull something spectacular out the hat this year.
The irony that I'm competing with myself from last year has not been lost on me, dont worry!

So, its kind of become a tradition since Missy arrived in our lives to gather the clan together and do an Easter dog walk and picnic (and eat copious amounts of cake and chocolate!) Last year my older sister led the celebrations and Missy gatecrashed the Easter bonnet competition.

That's right. Gatecrashed and won.

It took some convincing, but my niece and nephew did eventually see the funny side of it! Especially after I provided lots of baked goodies and explained to them that I had wanted to do an Easter photo shoot with Missy for her Easter cards (another tradition, after receiving so many cards with my nieces and nephews photos on it, I started to do the same with my fur-baby, the satire backfired and everyone thought it was brilliant!)

Anyway, this was last years Easter card picture:

I don't know why this makes me think of Van Gogh...
I'd like to pretend that it was a really easy and simple process to put together, but in reality there is much bribery and waving of squeaky toys. I wont make Missy do something she doesn't want to do, and even then, I keep what she will tolerate to very short 2-3 minute sessions. 

Bit of a rambling post today, I'm in the process of picking out some doggy recipes for Easter and prepping Missys new Easter bonnet as a rematch has been called!

Till next time!

A behind the scenes view


  1. I could see why neice and nephew would be miffed, there's no competing with last year! This year though the competition i believe will be feirce! And Felix will be joining in soon as i actually find a bonnet to buy...Three shops and no luck!

    1. Oh dear! Just about all the shops here have stuff for them - Asda, Aldi, home bargains...
      I'm sure you'll pull something awesome out the hat! ;-)