Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bothwell Castle

We've been desperately trying to enjoy the last of the nice weather, and also squeeze in all those obligation family visits before the mania that is the Christmas season begins! My hubby works in retail, so this really is the last stretch of time that we'll see each other before our lives dissolve into ships passing in the night.

I have family out in the Glasgow area so we decided to squeeze this fabulous castle in on the way home and give Missy a chance to stretch her paws and run off all the custard creams she'd been fed (even though I had provided Missy-safe biscuits, it was insisted upon that she should have a custard cream - even at a diminutive 4'11'' inches, I am too terrified of my grandmother to argue!). 

Anyway, back to the castle. Bothwell wasn't too difficult to find and, being a keystone castle back in the early independence wars with England, bears its battle scars with pride. As the tourist season is truly over, we were allowed to break the dogs on lead rule which made the spiral staircases somewhat less challenging!

The grounds of the castle look like the local dog walk and we saw a lot of collies and such. After a good little run we went into the little village we had originally driven through and enjoyed a very late lunch out in the sun.

The last of the good weather!

Well, that's all for now, just a short post today! Till next time.

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  1. Custard creams and castles - looks like you had a great visit!