Sunday, 28 June 2020

Do You Suppose she's a Wildflower?

It's been another topsy-turvy week for me with me working the weekend and my days off seem so far away now! We did manage to see some family and friends during the days off and the highlight was most definitely the Saughton Rose Garden. 

I have fond memories of the Rose Garden, we used to run round around the maze like paths as kids and watch the fish in the greenhouse pond. Afterwards we would go to the big play park and play on the orange monkey swings. 
As with all these things, it got shabbier and shabbier as we grew up and was eventually written off by everyone as overgrown and unloved. Last year however the decision was made to get it sorted and return it to its former glory. 

With life the way it is, and Missy being a dog who loves the wild places most, we just never got round to visiting after the grand reopening. It was my friends suggested meeting spot and we found a quiet corner where we could safely chat at a distance and enjoy the escape from the city. 

There is now a skate park, and the play park has had a revamp too, so the area is looking lovely. 

After that the weather turned, and its been threatening lightning storms since. I won't complain, its good to have an excuse to stay in and craft. 

I did manage to get my latest dungarees finished in time to enjoy the sun. Another varient on my Rosie the Riveter pattern, this purple linen outfit was meant to be another disney bound (Gadget, from Rescue Rangers), but I have held off the goggle/mouse ear combo that's to go with it until we know for sure when we are next at Disney. 

My adventures restart on Tuesday, so that's all for now! 

Sunday, 21 June 2020

An Upside Down Kinda Week

Today is officially the start of my weekend, so I'm a little bit all over the place as to what day of the week it really is and how quickly 45 hour working weeks can go now I'm getting into the swing of them.

Missy has been enjoying the cooler weather, and all the rain has caused my plants to shoot up and grow ridiculously! The young animals are all out and about so she's enjoying sniffing out and chasing after things.

When working, things are mostly quiet, when not doing lessons with my neice I'll manage the afternoon dog walk which is nice, otherwise it's straight from work, to the lesson and then dinner and some TV.

I managed on my last 4 off to finally finish this lovely sewing project:

The pattern for this lovely vintage themed camera bag by Swoon was given away free at the start of lockdown and I'm absolutely delighted with it. I find some PDF patterns difficult to follow but this came together nice and easy and, whilst I would do some things differently next time, I'm super pleased with the result.

Just a short post today, I have a weekend to grasp ahead of me, after I spend today curled up with Missy and eating all the cake. Gotta recharge my batteries! 

Monday, 15 June 2020

A Very Merry Unbirthday

To who? 

To me! 

Yes. It's officially happened. Lockdown has driven us all mad. My hubby and sister decided to join forces and celebrate my unbirthday on my day one off shift rota day. I was treated to tea and cake in bed and was then given a jigsaw and:

Go give my sister some love, she deserves it far more than I do! Here is the blog of this cute little critter and his amazing cake, and she also details why an unbirthday intervention was deemed necessary. I'm not one to really admit when I've overstretched myself, and truly I don't mind helping and supporting everyone I can, but I may have got just a teeny bit happy-tears over her kind words and those of my husband. 

I really don't deserve such wonderful people in my life! 

I'm now on day 2 off and, having had a quiet day where I was allowed to indulge in simple easy hobbies and not worry about anyone else, feel far more refreshed! 

The parks are still super busy in afternoons, so we made an early start this morning to Oakbank Woods, a favourite walk of Missys (if her content snoring is anything to go by). I've erroneously called this woods the "Calder Wood" in the past, but we saw a sign hidden amongst the bright green trees stating Oakbank. Missy was too busy hunting rabbit and deer to pose for me, and I was happy to let her have fun. Her knees been bothering her with the muggy weather of late, but she was fine this morning and it seemed cruel not to let her enjoy herself. 

I was pleased to manage some sewing too. These projects are always faster when rested! Above are two little playsuits for my youngest neice who has been outraged at the overly hot spring down south. I made her a koi print one that matched the shirt I made for her dad and brother and she's never out of it. Whilst fish are cool, cats are way more her thing, and I had some purrfect fabric in my scraps stash that was just big enough to complete the project. I also added pockets because girls need pockets! They're important for putting lost things in.

Hmm. I feel a need to learn hat making after yesterday...
Although personally I am probably far more like the white rabbit than I would care to admit! 

Monday, 8 June 2020

A Change of Routine

It's been a very strange week. The weather has gone from 25C+ down to 14C, my shifts have changed to 11 hour days and and I'm still trying to get into the swing of things.

On my days off, we've been following lock down etiquette and seeing only one other family household at a time, so its taking us a while to get through them all! The main thing we've been enjoying is being able to go out and take Missy somewhere nice to walk. After months being stuck to the same busy little park, she is keen to get out and stretch her paws and explore again!

Today we revisited Harperrig Reservoir and had a lovely morning enjoying the place to ourselves. Missy hunted voles and rabbits whist we watched birds. Its much cooler today which suits Missy better, she can chase and run and not overheat. After a lovely walk where saw a pair of hares run by and a kestrel pass overhead, we called it quits and decided it was time for a cup of tea.

I've been getting in with a lot of sewing, but thought I'd share this cute upcycle. This collar used to be a lovely pink tartan design, but has now well and truly been too loved. There was huge holes in the fabric showing the webbing underneath so I decided to celebrate the incoming summer with this fun ice cream print! 

That's all for now, the sun is out again and it's time to get back in the garden and repot some plants! 

Saturday, 30 May 2020

A Sunny Morning Adventure

Finally, we can travel out for a nice walk! Missy was super keen to hop into the car and go on an adventure. We decided on the Korean War Memorial and Witchwood walk as it was close by, but mostly because its a little known walk and we thought it would be quiet. 

With the heat, Missy is now being walked very early in the am and then late in the evening, we had a cracked paw last year and want to avoid a repeat of that! 

The views were stunning. I think a combination of the beautiful weather and low air pollution has meant that this is the clearest I've seen the view before. Missy didn't stop to appreciate the views, but did go hunting for rabbits to chase. 

The heats been a concern for us with Missy (she's a black dog that doesn't like water and sunbathes, not the best combination!) so we've been skipping out on the heat of the day to relax with her inside and keep her cool. 

Everyone's mood seems to be improving, we even managed a water fight with the neighbours kid (the fence does help with social distancing!) and have plans today to see my brother and Maisie on a long overdue puppy play date.

I've done well with sewing, here is one part of a set I made for my BILs birthday:

Matching father and son shirts! And a playsuit for my niece which I've been told has gone down very well owing to the heatwave and a shirt for my sister too. Very pleased with them all! 

Thats all for now, it's time to go out, see loved ones (at a distance) and enjoy the lovely sunny weather. Hoping your all well and enjoying our new freedom safely.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Dog(s) are Better the People

The Frozen reference will make more sense at the end of the post! Although saying that, I've gotten rather fed up of people recently. Twice this week I've had to chase loitering teens off the narrow bridge at the park; I don't care if you want to ignore the rules, but please don't block peoples way, there's plenty of space elsewhere in the park to spread your germs to each other!

I've actually been thankful for some bad weather, its gone back to just the dog walkers in the park for the last few days. Missy is missing her canine buddies who've obviously changed routine to avoid the crowds roaming about aimlessly (just to clarify, I have nothing against people out walking and exercising, its the loitering about that's annoying me), so she was pleased to meet a lab friend and go for a bounce whilst us owners gave one another a passing wave.

I've taken some annual leave and used the time to catch up on some rest and get the next big push on with the garden. My radishes are about ready - one was sacrificed to the snail gods, so hopefully the rest of the crop will not be nibbled on! I've also been doing a ton of sewing, which I'm pleased about as I was worried my creative mojo was flagging a bit.

I'm not going to share the latest project (that will be at the end of the month after its been wrapped, sent, and finally awaited the special day to then be unwrapped). So I will share this project I actually finished a few weeks ago, but just haven't had the time to get it on the mannequin and photographed.

So, this is on the back of the "Disney Bounding" craze. When I was in Disneyland Paris (oh so very, very long ago it feels now), we talked about ideas and different family and couple ideas. My sister was very keen on the family ideas but, with my niece disliking dresses on the basis that she cant run about and climb, a princess pairing wasn't working. I suggested culottes and an idea was born for myself to try - a princess dress for myself that was basically a set of trousers that look like a skirt.
Yep, look close, those are trousers.
Hand embroidered with all the button covers done by hand too.

Needless to say, when we hit lock down, it took the literal wind out of my sails. My aspirations of strutting about Disneyworld in Florida next year (which fortunately whilst pretty much fully organised had not been booked) had to be Let (it) Go. It was to be hubby's first time out there, and my First Time in Forever as I haven't been since I was 15.

So this sewing project was quietly completed with no fanfare and put aside. It was only when I was photographing some other bits I realised it was on the to photo pile. Perhaps it'll get a chance for a proper outing when things go back to normal. Next year probably, I dont care what Disney park, but hopefully In Summer when it'll be warm.

I'll stop there now. Below is the inspiration for the dress for those who have been reading this thoroughly confused. If you are confused, go watch Frozen, its good, not worth the epic hype, and then go watch the sequel which is a far superior film.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Topsy-turvy times

It's been another topsy-turvy week for me, but that didn't stop me finding the time to have some fun and get Missy out to practise her parkour. It's a different game for her to the ones we play in the house, so she seemed to really enjoy it and wore herself out.

We've been trying to keep her walks interesting, changing direction and going around different loops in different orders as well as mixing it up with some of the other woodland areas about us. 

My free time has mostly been spent on Skype school lessons with my eldest neice, calling family or sewing. I'm very pleased with my latest project:

My youngest nephew has just turned 3 and I think he's going to be the coolest kid in the neighbourhood with these fabulous shirts!

I have more projects lined up now that the birthday season has officially started, and I'm looking forward to working through it! Even if I can't see family, I can at least give them my time and something nice.